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Covering Creative Cuenca

Your host: Scott Cushing

Mar 16, 2023

Everyone has a story to tell and I love hearing those stories. In this episode of Covering Creative Cuenca, I had the opportunity to chat with Karla Freeman, Cuenca based master storyteller and storytelling coach. Join me for this wonderful conversation.

Karla Freeman Storyteller - Website

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Feb 15, 2023

I am always so proud of the arts community in Ecuador and the many ways that they contribute to the country and to our beautiful city of Cuenca.  I recently had a conversation with Cuenca based artist Janda Grove to learn about an amazing initiative to help Asociacion Mujeres con Exito.  Mujeres Con Exito (Women with...

Oct 1, 2022

It was such an honor to chat with actress, comedian, vocalist, and Broadway performer Cindy Benson.  You may have seen her perform, now hear her amazing story. Join me!

Aug 29, 2022

I love pottery, so I was very excited when Alessandro DeLizza came to idiomART for a pop-up demonstration and sale of his work.  I immediately asked him chat with me on Covering Creative Cuenca.  Join me for this terrific conversation with master potter, Alessandro DeLizza.


Burning World Pottery - Facebook Page

Jul 16, 2022

Changing the perception of a neighborhood: That is one of the goals of the murals project in the Convención 45 neighborhood of Cuenca, Ecuador. Join me for a conversation with Andrés Zambrano as he shares his perspectives on this wonderful project. 


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